About Us

One evening sitting around the table talking with my husband he said to me, "Honey, we don't have to support small makers single handedly" + boy was he wrong. That moment really set Flora + Fauna into motion.

Supporting small makers + creators feels so good. Together, you + I are helping humans (really amazing + kind ones!) pay their rent or mortgate, feed their families + just live their best lives!

Why Flora + Fauna?
Let’s start with a little environmental science lesson. Out in nature, Flora is the plant life that is found in a particular region. Fauna is the animal life that can be found in a particular region. 
As we know, life has a tendency to mimic nature, and much like our ecosystems depend on flora and fauna to remain balanced, our economy depends on small makers + creators. Our humanity also depends on small makers + creators, without them we would live in a mass produced hell.

Small businesses are the Flora + the Fauna of life.



Head Witch in Charge

I'm Gaby, I’m the owner of Flora + Fauna MT. You can catch me at F+F everyday as it’s a one woman show at the moment! 
I am originally from Maine, but lived in Colorado for a good portion of my life + Washington State for a short period. Western Montana has been my home with my husband + our two black lab/ mutts for 5 years now. 
We ended up in Hamilton by chance, and we quickly fell in love with this little town and the community here.

From a young age, I loved the small shops in beach towns or mountain towns. I loved the uniqueness of each of them. 

Not to dig on large chain stores (because they do amazing things like provide jobs!) but ever since I was a teen working at Lululemon, something about aisles and aisles of products from who-knows-where in the world made by who-knows-who sent me spiraling into existential dread. 

I get asked all the time if this has always been a dream of mine, and the answer is yes + no.
I knew I loved small businesses + have always wanted to own one (or 12 because I have so many ideas!) but it wasn't until I took a trip to Salem, MA for Halloween that I realized how strong of a desire I had to create a space for people to not only shop but to encourage people to spend their money locally + in the best possible way! But to also create a space for community. Where people can gather + learn together.

To me, that's what life is all about.